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Trooper takes to the roads in 2016

Robinsons are excited to announce their continued TROOPER sponsorship of Peter Hickman for the 2016 road racing season
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Trooper turns three

A birthday message from Bruce as Trooper celebrates its third year
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Celebrate Trooper's 3rd birthday

Hit the pub and grab a badge,cos we are three!
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Aussie Trooper meets

Enjoy a Trooper and meet other Maiden fans before or after the show
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More Trooper meets near Maiden gigs

Come along to the following fan meetups on the Iron Maiden tour. Trooper will be on hand at all of them and we’ll be running Trooper promotions and handing out giveaways (while they last!)
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Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery announce TROOPER Red 'n' Black

Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery have announced â˜TROOPER Red 'n' Black - a new limited edition beer from their award-winning TROOPER* range -“ which will be available to fans worldwide from September 2016.
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Fancy a TROOPER meet with your Iron Maiden concert?

Details of Trooper parties at venues close to Iron Maiden shows. Come and have a beer before the gig. Or after. Or both.
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TROOPER demand prompts KEG launch

TROOPER claims another first as demand prompts Robinsons to launch a KEG version of their award winning beer
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