Just eight weeks after the launch, Robinsons Brewery today announced the production of the MILLIONTH pint of TROOPER, over six months ahead of schedule. This equates to over 20,000 pints being drunk every day since the launch in Stockport on May 9th. This daily demand is expected to continue to increase through August as by then TROOPER will have had listings in all the major pub chains including Punch, Spirit, Enterprise and Wetherspoons as well as the major wholesalers, meaning that any pub in Britain will have access to the beer. This is expected to parallel similar increases at Retail with the beer being available in more and more outlets due to demand.

TROOPER was personally designed and developed as a top quality Premium British Beer by IRON MAIDEN vocalist and real ale enthusiast Bruce Dickinson with Robinsons’ Head Brewer Martyn Weeks. With its focus firmly on taste and easy-drinking, it already leads the way as the UK’s No. 1 most liked ale on Facebook – despite fierce commercial competition from a well established TV advertised ale.

Robinsons Managing Director Oliver Robinson commented: “We are amazed to reach this mark in such a short time, a million pints already is way ahead of all rational expectations, and are grateful for the support we have had from the retailers, Maiden fans, real ale enthusiasts, our distributors and the beer trade generally as they were so quick to catch on to the genuine and unique quality of this beer. This is a great showcase for our new brew house and demonstrates the sorts of volumes it is capable of producing. It’s very exciting to observe TROOPER as it expands across Britain and then, we fully expect, internationally. It is easily the fastest selling new beer Robinsons have ever had, and quite possibly anyone else too. ”

National supermarket chain MORRISONS second that claim by also reporting TROOPER as their fastest ever selling newly launched ale, with sales exceeding expectations tenfold.

Mark Land, MORRISONS Ales Buyer said: “TROOPER has been phenomenally successful since MORRISONS launched it four weeks ago. The bottle’s label has definitely been a huge factor in its success as has the push our stores have given it.”

Robinsons Marketing Director David Bremner adds, “Looking at the customer journey, TROOPER is truly unique, it literally drives fans into their nearest pub or supermarket. Fans find the beer, take a photo and post it on Facebook, this drives more fans to the store who clear the shelves and post a photo of an empty shelf. People are driving miles to pubs to sample the draught which is rolling out across the country in a remarkably quick time. The publicans are finding the positive reaction to the beer is creating a lot of demand from their regulars. And what is also unparalleled and truly remarkable here is that this has all been achieved by word of mouth and online. It just shows that, like most things, at the end of the day it is the quality that counts.”

Acknowledging this, renowned beer writer Pete Brown cites Bruce Dickinson as “…one of the most passionate beer enthusiasts I’ve ever met” and describes TROOPER as having…“a building dryness that makes it naggingly drinkable, a pint that seems to evaporate from the glass.”

Last year, Robinsons produced 13.3 million pints of beer in total. If the first eight weeks of production and sales of TROOPER are anything to go by, the Cheshire family brewers could quite possibly double the volume of beer they produce in a year.

David continues, “No-one has ever launched a beer in the UK with this much potential. The demand continues to expand as whenever people taste it, they just want more. This is purely down to the quality of the ale and the great taste. The ‘problem’ we have is forecasting quantities for production of TROOPER, but what a great challenge to have! On top of that we have had interest and enquiries for Trooper from 184 countries and together with Sovereign, our International Distributor, we are currently planning TROOPER’s worldwide expansion and dealing with the import/export bureaucracy. Maiden’s global following is immense and in all corners of the planet so we are focusing on the wonderful opportunity of making this a global beer, which would be a truly remarkable feat for a genuine British ale.