A message from Robinsons & TROOPER Brands Manager, John Robinson:

It really has been a terrific journey and one which everyone at Robinsons is very proud of! From the initial beer tasting with Bruce, through the excitement of the launch, to now distributing TROOPER in 42 countries, competing with some of the best beers on a global scale, winning beer accolades and engaging a legion of new beer fans – TROOPER has exceeded expectations! The beer’s unprecedented popularity – 2 years on from launch – is testament to the quality (and taste) of the beer itself and illustrates how important it is to believe in your product and, most importantly, the people behind it. On behalf of the Robinsons family and the entire TROOPER team… we would like to say a big thank you to you the fans of both the beer and Iron Maiden for supporting us and picking up a pint of TROOPER. Here’s to the next two years!